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Application Process
Membership Fees
AICAE Scholarship


We are always looking for new members to join our organization. Whether you are a student (high school, undergraduate, non-degree, or graduate) or a professional, we welcome your interest in joining our organization.

Application Process

Membership Fees

If you are a student at UNM, your fees will be paid directly to the UNM AICAE Secretary/Treasurer, Vanessa Whitehorse. Your first year of membership will be FREE thanks to the generous contributions of Mr. Lou Weller, FAIA. After your first year of membership has expired, the yearly fees are as follows:

  • Voting Members
    • Corporate Membership (Includes all owners of Indian firms)
      Firm Size:
      • 1-5 employees - $150.00
      • 6-10 employees - $200.00
      • 11-15 employees - $250.00
      • 16-20 employees - $300.00
      • 21+ employees - $350.00
    • Individual Memberships:
      • Indian professional employees of non-Indian firms - $50.00
      • Indian professional employees (non-owners) of Indian firms - $50.00
  • Non-Voting Members
    • Corporate/Organization - $100.00
    • Government Agency - $100.00
    • Individual - $35.00
    • Student - $10.00

AICAE Scholarship

Every year, the National Chapter of AICAE contributes a total of $1,000.00 to the UNM Student Chapter in the form of a scholarship/book stipend. Depending on the number of applicants, the scholarship is divided as such:
(1) One scholarship for the Fall semester in the sum of $250.00
(1) One scholarship for the Spring semester in the sum of $250.00
(1) One scholarship for both Fall and Spring semesters for $250.00, totalling $500.00 for the year.

For the 2005-2006 academic year, however, due to the limited number of applications received, only one scholarship was awarded in the total sum of $1,000.00

The scholarship is only open to active members of the UNM AICAE who have submitted their applications and paid their dues for the year. Applications are normally made available in late April and are due in the summer. In the Fall, the sum is paid directly to the School of Architecture & Planning and paid to the student's account following the Fall School Awards Banquet.

Past winners of the scholarship are:

  • Savannah Gene, BAED - $1,000.00 for the 2005-2006 academic year
  • James Simermeyer, MCRP - 2004-2005
  • Ivan Shorty, MARCH - 2004-2005
  • Tamarah Begay, MARCH - 2004-2005


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