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August 30, 2006
January 26, 2006

June 23, 2005 (Agenda)

May 31, 2005 (Minutes)
January 17, 2005 (Minutes)
November 3, 2004 (Minutes)
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September 9, 2004 (Minutes)
August 26, 2004 (Minutes)

Past Meetings

August 30, 2006
  1. Navajo Nation Legislative building projects- Tamarah Begay
    1. David Sloan and Architects are building a Legislative building located on the Navajo Nation Government Center. Which is in Window Rock, Arizona.
    2. It’s going to be west of the Council Chambers and I believe it’s going to be about 2,250 sq. ft.
    3. Thursdays will mostly be the meetings and its welcome to AICAE students as well as UNM and ASU students.
    4. David and his group are trying to get students to sit in on meetings if their interested. The meetings aren’t set so I’ll try to keep in contact with that information.
  2. Fundraising
    1. Budget
      1. Wells Fargo
      2. Wells Fargo
      3. ASUNM
    2. One small fundraising for the semester
      1. Bake Sale on the sixth of October. Starts at 11 to 2 pm. Need Donations
      2. One big sale for the semester (Haven’t Decided yet)
    3. Ideas
      1. Taxi for games (Horses)
      2. Bake Sales
      3. Drawing Houses
      4. Sale at the Pueblo Culture Center (next year)
      5. Sale at the UNM girls basketball games
      6. Halloween Face painting
  3. Announcements
      1. New Application and Membership fees are DUE on 18th of October. Can take money orders or checks
      2. November 13th-15th Indigenous Planning Division Conference at Sandia
      3. Bake Sale 6th of October

** For more information or minutes, email Secretary, Vanessa Whitehorse

January 26, 2006
I. Welcome and Introductions

Old Business

  A. Navajo Nation Project
  B. Review of events from Fall semester
  C. Raffle
III. New Business
  A. Discussion
IV. Meetings for the Spring Semester
  A. February 16

Minutes coming soon!

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