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George Pearl Hall
New SAAP Building


Halloween Bake Sale

AICAE will be hosting anothe Bake Sale on Halloween (October 31st) in the basement of the SUB from 10:30am to 3pm (or until the treats run out). We will have Halloween-themed cookies, cupcakes, and possibly some candied apples again. Stop by the SUB if you need a quick pick-me-up between classes! :)


AICAE Presentation at the 16th Annual Navajo Studies Conference

The UNM Chapter of AICAE will be presenting at the 16th Navajo Studies Conference (November 1st to 3rd) on Thursday, November 2nd at 10am in the Student Union Building. AICAE will be discussing case-studies in architecture & planning on the Navajo Reservation including the remodeling of the Navajo Nation Legislative Building. AICAE will be co-presenting with the 4 Corners American Indian Circle of Services Collaborative (aka 4CC). The title of the session is: Partnerships with the Navajo Nation: Architecture, Community Planning, and Public Health" Look for us at the conference!! For more information on the Navajo Studies Conference, please visit their webpage at:

L-R: Dedra, Eugenia, Anne, Vannah, and Yolynda
AICAE'ers big winners at School of Architecture Awards Banquet

Five AICAE members were honored at the School of Architecture & Planning awards banquet last Friday (September 29th). CONGRATULATIONS to the following members on their awards:

  • Eugenia Quintana (MCRP) -- AICAE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD and the Community Building Award
  • Savannah Gene (BAEPD) -- Award for Excellence in the Bachelors of Arts in Environmental Planning and Design
  • Yolynda Begay (MCRP) -- Frontier/Golden Pride award for excellence in Community & Regional Planning
  • Anne Oandasan (MCRP) -- New Mexico Graduate Scholarship

Keep up the good work!

Indigenous Planning Conference
November 13-15, 2006 | Sandia Resort & Casino

The Indigenous Planning Division of the American Planning Association (APA) and the NM Chapter of the APA are co-hosting the first annual Indigenous Planning Conference on November 13th to 15th at the Sandia Resort and Casino in Albuquerque, NM. The conference will feature panels on Tribal Comprehensive Planning, Emergency Management Planning, Public Health, Planning Diasporas, Transportation, Environmental Planning, and Tourism & Economic Development. Proposals are currently being accepted. For More Information, please visit our Events page.

AICAE delivers prayer for George Pearl Hall Ground Breaking Ceremony

On November 17th, the UNM Student Chapter of AICAE participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for George Pearl Hall by delivering a prayer in Dine. AICAE students who delivered the prayer were Savannah Gene, Anne Oandasan, Merrick Tate, Dathan Tsosie, and Nathania Tsosie. The prayer recited was an excerpt from the Hóóghan Sin (Hogan Song) from the Dine Hózhooji Ceremony which was modified for the special occasion. The Ceremony also included speeches from key players including UNM President Louis Caldera, Dean of the School of Architecture & Planning, Roger Schluntz, members of Student Government, and representatives from the UNM Board of Regents and NM Legislature. A second celebration is currently scheduled for May 4th!!

New building for the School of Architecture and Planning

George Pearl Hall was designed by UNM Alumni, Antoine Predock. Construction will be completed in 2007 and will be the first time all 3 programs in the School of Architecture & Planning have been in the same building!

For more information on this project please visit:


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