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The Fall 2007 semester is already underway! We don't have any meetings scheduled yet for the Fall semester but keep watch here or on our listserve for any upcoming announcements.

AICAE Scholarship, 2009-2010

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the UNM Student Chapter of the American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers (AICAE) is to provide a support network of students in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of New Mexico.

Professional Chapter of AICAE

The American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers is a non-profit corporation established in 1976. Its membership is comprised of American Indian architecture, engineering, and design professionals through out the United States of America.

The Purpose of AICAE is to:

  • Advance the role of American Indian professional engineers, architects and design professionals in practice and to advance their professional skills.
  • Promote recognition of member's professional excellence, service, projects and contributions.
  • Encourage American Indians to pursue careers as professional engineers, architects, and design professionals.
  • Consolidate the expertise of members into a single focus for representation on a national level.

Contact AICAE

Our office is located in the Lobo Lair in the Basement of the Student Union Building on the UNM Main Campus. We share office number 1035 with the Christian Fellowship. Our office hours are: Tuesday/Thursday from 10am to 4pm. Please come by our office if you would like to join our organizations or to get more information about our group.

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Contact aicae
American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers (AICAE)
Student Activities Center
MSC03 2210, Box 37
1 University of NM
Albuquerque, NM 87131
AICAE Listserv

UNM Community & Regional Planning

American Indian Council of Architects and Engineers

American Institute of Architects (AIA)

American Planning Association (APA)

Indigenous Planning Division of the APA

New Mexico Chapter of the APA

AIA New Mexico

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